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Here's what you can look forward to learning with your puppy:

  • How to make training fun for BOTH you and your puppy

  • How to teach basic cues including Sit, Down, Come, Heel, Stay

  • Simple steps for house and crate training

  • How to use positive reinforcement without spoiling your puppy

  • What to do when adolescence strikes!

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Dogwise has all the best books and resources to help you set your puppies up for success!

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What is your dog's body language saying to you and to other dogs? Is he showing friendliness, fear, or stress? When does play turn to aggression?

This educational video features a lively presentation and extensive footage of a variety of breeds showing hundreds of examples of canine behavior and body language.

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Niki French is on a mission to give people belief, knowledge, support, and provide ongoing tools for them to become their dog’s best trainer. She believes no dog is beyond help and is passionate that training should be a fun part of daily life.