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"A great judgement-free environment to learn with your pet! Jayne is incredibly hands on and has a great way of sharing information in an easily digestible way. Classes are a great balance of structured learning and fun for both the pups and the humans!

I learned a lot of great foundational lessons from the classes. The notes were fantastic! A resource I will keep going back to in the coming weeks and months."

Jessica & Spud - Rothesay, NB

"Jayne is so understanding and supportive, even outside of the class environment. I was overwhelmed with my puppy when she arrived at 8.5 weeks old. Jayne happily replied to my many (many) Facebook messages and emails sending recommendations for toys and activities to keep her busy and to introduce her to my 16 y/o cat. During the class, Jayne was easygoing and made things fun. Sometimes it can get stressful when your puppy isn't listening or in the mood to train, she always understood and just went with it."

Tanya & Tikka - Grove Hill, NB

"Jayne certainly understands dogs and has a knack for getting them to respond, if how our Lakeland Terrier, Peg, is any indication. Equally importantly, she can read the limitations of the owner and consequently doesn't overload them (read me) with more homework than they can cope with. Peg (and her owner) are making good progress. Peg is a four year old who had developed some bad habits."

Jon & Peggy Sue - Rothesay, NB

"I cannot say enough great things about Jayne and her training! She gives excellent instructions and is highly dedicated to her craft. She has the knowledge and skills to help dogs with any issues. My pup Sabre was a bit of a special case, but thankfully Jayne refused to give up on him and now we are having great success with his training! Thank you Jayne!"
Carrie & Sabre - Saint John, NB

"The positive atmosphere was an incredibly helpful experience. The classes were so light and enjoyable; the direct approach and support made the whole experience invaluable.

The group setting was fun, light and supportive. The one-on-one session that I was offered to help me catch up for a class missed, was incredibly helpful, easily scheduled and relaxed. I would recommend this program for every dog owner - it was such a great starting point no matter how much training you plan with your pup!"

Chrissy & Frida - Long Reach, NB

"I loved our sessions with Jayne! It was a very welcoming and judgment free environment. My pup wouldn't perform in the class most of the time but we always got a good laugh at him. At home myself and my pup received the fundamentals we needed and understood to have a great training sessions."
Jennifer & Moose - Mount Hebron, NB

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