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Today, there is so much information for dog owners to sort through and be easily overwhelmed by. So, through my on-going research, I've compiled some of my favourite and most recommended resources to help start you on the right track!

When Pigs Fly.jpeg

When Pigs Fly!

By Jane Killion

Visiting the Dog Park.jpeg

Visiting the Dog Park

By Cheryl S. Smith

The Puppy Primer

By Patricia McConnell

& Brenda Scidmore

The Other End of the Leash

By Patricia McConnell

The Culture Clash

By Jean Donaldson

Teaching Fido to Learn to Earn

By Dr. Sophia Yin

Separation Anxiety

in Dogs

By Malena Demartini-Price

For the Love of a Dog

By Patricia McConnell

Chill Out Fido!

By Nan Kene Arthur

Meet Your Dog

By Kim Brophey

Don't Shoot the Dog

By Karen Pryor

Asset 6.png

How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves

By Dr. Sophia Yin

Family Friendly

Dog Training

By Patricia McConnell

& Aimee M. Moore

The Eye of the Trainer

By Ken Ramirez

On-Line Learning
Puppy Temperment.jpeg

Ultimate Puppy

Program Bundle

A core curriculum of videos and

explanations for giving your puppy

the best possible start in life.

  • Training Habits & Rewards 

  • Attention Booster 

  • Hyperactivity Helper 

  • Stop Jumping 

  • Separation Anxiety Solutions 

  • Mastering Potty Training

  • Breed-specific Puppy Raising

  • Exclusive Ebook "14 Days For Better Focus"

Tackling Reactivity

Tackling Reactivity Bundle


Reactivity is not a voluntary behaviour. With this course you understand why your dog reacts in a certain way, how to identify what triggers him, and what you can do as an owner to calm him down and create a safe space for your dog – to just be a dog.

  • Training Habits & Rewards 

  • Attention Booster 

  • Hyperactivity Helper 

  • Stop Jumping 

  • Separation Anxiety Solutions 

  • Tackling Reactivity 

  • Exclusive Ebook "14 Days For Better Focus"

Perfect Dog Obedience Bundle.jpg

Perfect Dog

Obedience Bundle

Everything is very simply explained, well laid out, and easy to understand. Full of instruction, illustrations, videos, and much more!

  • Basic Obedience 

  • Loose Leash Walking 

  • Training Habits & Rewards 

  • Stop Jumping 

  • Separation Anxiety Solutions 

  • Exclusive Ebook "14 Days For Better Focus"

  • Lifetime Access

Perfect Focus Bundle

Perfect Focus Bundle

Teach your dog to come when called among all distractions; understand the causes of reactivity, and fix them; build up impulse control around food and toys; discover how to calm down your dog instantly; teach your dog to settle on a mat anywhere, anytime.

  • Coming When Called & Outdoor Focus 

  • Focus in Public - Out & About 

  • Calm Down 

  • Tackling Reactivity 

  • Lifetime Access

Come When Called.jpg

Coming When Called

& Outdoor Focus


  • Get lifetime access to 28 extensive learning modules

  • Ask unlimited questions to our trainer

  • Teach your dog that nothing is as important and FUN as listening to you

  • Understand how to make your dog's prey drive work in your favour

  • Be more interesting than any squirrel or rabbit

  • Teach your dog to call off thrown toys and full food bowls

  • Develop a bond through playing that is stronger than any temptation

Training Tools


No Pull Dog Harness.jpg
No Pull Harness.jpg
Gentle Leader.jpg
Snuffle Mat_edited.png


Foldable Metal Dog Pen_edited.jpg
Dog Crate_edited.png
Safety Gate_edited.png


Lick Mat_edited.jpg
Interactiive Toy_edited_edited.png
Hide 'n Slide Puzzle Toy_edited_edited.png
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