Pet Pro Guild Welcome News Release

CONTACT: Niki Tudge
The Pet Professional Guild Welcomes Newest Member 

The Pet Professional Guild, a professional pet industry member-association that advocates for force-free dog training and pet care, announced today that Jayne Barnstead of Outside the Crate has qualified for membership.

Hampton, New Brunswick – The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) proudly announced today that Jayne Barnstead of Outside the Crate has met the required exacting standards and has therefore qualified for membership in the PPG.
According to PPG President, Niki Tudge, “The PPG is a member-association organization that was founded to represent dog training and pet care professionals who are committed to scientifically based, force-free training and behavior change methods. The PPG is the only professional pet industry member association that advocates for force-free dog training and pet care and requires that our members adhere to our “Guiding Principles. We also make these principles available to the public. This way anyone using the services of a PPG member can be confident of the methods and the philosophical and scientific basis of the training methods and pet care techniques used when caring for their pets.”
In the dog training and pet care world, force-free, according to PPG’s website, means that PPG members will never employ shock, pain, fear, physical force, physical molding or compulsion-based methods when training or caring for a pet. “PPG member’s methods are based on the most recent scientific research and focus on the physical, mental, environmental and emotional well being of each pet to ensure that every aspect of training and care contributes to the pet’s well-being; that is our holistic approach. These methods are incredibly effective, fun and most of all safe to use,” says Tudge. 

Pet ownership continues to increase and the number of businesses providing products and services to the pet owning public is rapidly growing. Tudge says, “In a largely unregulated industry it can be difficult for the public to understand the differences between the many training and pet care methods that are now available. Even the terminology used to describe various training and pet care techniques can be confusing and misleading. We feel that the pet-owning public needs an educational resource to help them understand the differences in methods and techniques available. The PPG clearly defines the philosophies, methods and techniques its members use so the public can be confident that any Guild member will provide services in accordance with our stated philosophy and guidelines. The public can be assured that only force-free methods will be employed training and caring for their pets.” For more information on force-free training and pet care, visit  

About The Pet Professional Guild 

The Pet Professional Guild is an organization comprised of dog training and pet care professionals committed to holistic, force-free methods. Their mission is to help make every pet a valued member of its family and improve the relationship and the quality of life people share with their pets by providing the greatest value and highest quality, state-of-the-art, force-free, scientific based pet training and pet care for each client and by always demonstrating integrity, compassion and an uncompromising commitment to excellence in the care and support of clients and their pets. They will continually expand their knowledge and improve their skills to serve their clients by providing the most innovative pet training and pet care possible.