Life Skills




Life Skills Training will focus on generalizing your dog’s behaviour. This is where your dog starts to put the repetition of previously trained sessions together. Your dog really begins to see the relationship, or association, between different things that may be happening to and around him/her, and then starts to “learn” what needs to be done in response to those things.


These class sessions are full of fun, game-based activities and are focused on real life situations, speed, and accuracy. To be successful in this class, your dog must understand all the basic skills you have taught them, especially SIT, DOWN, LOOK and PLACE.


This course enables you to develop your training, improve what you have learned, and introduce new skills which are both useful and enjoyable for you and your dog. At this level, dogs learn to listen and focus on your cues both up close and from a distance. Attention is placed on developing a reliable recall, perfecting the heel, and working with your dog in protected, off-leash areas. Plus special attention is devoted in each class to teach your dog the skills to walk comfortably at your side -- no matter if there is a squirrel "taunting" them or a skate board whizzing by.


Here we focus on the 4 D's of training: Distractions, Duration, Distance and Diversity. 


Life Skills Level 2 only take dogs that have been through Puppy Manners & Socialization Level 1 , and those who have successfully completed 4 sessions of private training. I know all the dogs. Class sizes are small, with only a maximum of 6 dogs. 

$205. includes:

- 5 weeks (1 hour lesson per week)

- 1 private session

- On-going support throughout the program

- Easy-to-follow homework instruction

- Maximum 6 dogs

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